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The Illusion of Safety

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It came down to the choice of living a life I wasn’t enjoying but with a certain amount of safety, or a live I love without a safety net.

I chose the latter, the life without a safety net, because even if something bad or life ending happened, I would have had that time living the way I wanted.

What’s the point of prolonging a life I’m not enjoying?

Besides, I think safety is mostly an illusion.

Shit happens to building dwellers.  They get sick.  They go broke.  They get swindled.  Their homes break down, burn up, or get destroyed in natural disasters, but they feel safe because it’s the way most people live.

They are doing the normal thing, the familiar thing, so it must be the best choice.

I think danger is also mostly an illusion.

We convince ourselves that all sorts of things might happen to us, but they never do.  Not because of our vigilance, but because they were never going to happen to us no matter what.

Since the mobile life is unfamiliar we can convince ourselves that there are more dangers out there to get us.  There aren’t more dangers, they’re just different.

Create a life that you love.”

I don’t know who said this, but they echoed my thoughts exactly.  It is a simple message, and in its simplicity it is profound.

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