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So What’s The Difference?

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There are major differences between the approaches of Natural Healing and Conventional, or Modern Medicine, and before embarking on a personal healing journey, it is important to understand these fundamental differences.  They are generally outlined in the table below.

It is also important to understand that Modern Medicine, is basically a brand new way of treating the body that is relatively in its infancy compared to the use of natural healing.  Natural forms of healing have been around since the dawn of time.  Modern medicine, employing its various modalities, including manufactured drugs, and surgery, are very new in comparison.

SYMPTOMS Symptoms are forms of communication.  When we experience discomfort, our body is “talking,” and it would serve us to listen and use this communication to guide us in our healing process.  Learning to be in tune with our bodies and knowing what they need to be well. Symptoms must be dulled, suppressed or completely removed.  Most often, the symptom is considered the entire disease or disorder, and once the symptom is gone, the person is considered “cured.”  Failure to get to the bottom of why the symptom arose in the first place.
FOCUS The focus is on health and vitality.  To return the body to homeostasis… its equilibrium. The focus is on the disease and its symptoms.  To destroy, kill or suppress the expression of a disease.
PHILOSOPHY The body has the innate knowledge of how to heal itself completely.  It will heal itself when given the proper nourishment and environment for such healing to take place. When the individual experiences discomfort or disease, the body is “malfunctioning.”  Because of such “malfunction” the body must be forced back into homeostasis through outside forces.
METHOD OF TREATMENT Setting up a proper lifestyle and internal “environment” so our body can heal itself.  This is done through changes in diet, elimination, movement, emotional/thought patterns, and lifestyle. Attacking, killing and removing disease using drugs and surgery. Altering or removing malfunctioning organs (ex. coronary bypass surgery, appendectomy, mastectomy, or other medical intervention)
THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS Vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, herbs, spices, sea vegetables, and plant-based foods.  These produce NO side or after-effects.  Whole-food products straight from nature itself. Drugs made from petrochemicals, animal waste, ground-up soil and rocks, toxic metals, live viruses and bacteria, and other toxic elements. Man-made in origin, patented, and produce MANY side and after-effects, including death.
THERAPEUTIC MODALITIES Vegan plant-based, primarily raw food programs.  Cleansing and detoxification routines.  Exercise and movement.  Bodywork, hydrotherapy, emotional healing, and changes in the way we live, work, play, and relate to the world around us. Surgery, radiation, toxic chemotherapy.  Stimulant,sedative and suppressive drugs.  Standard American Diet and sedentary lifestyle are rarely discussed as factors.  Dialysis, colostomies, surgeries, and drug therapy.
EMOTIONS Positive Attitude, Excitement, Strength, Empowerment, Joy, Gratitude, Happiness.  Our health and thereby our life is ours to create. Negative Attitude, Coping, Anxiety, Fear, Weakness, Depression, Feeling of being out of control, that our life is in someone else’s hands.
RESPONSIBILITY We have created our current health level and therefore wecan change it and heal. Being in the driver’s seat. I “caught” this disease. I am an unlucky victim. Doctor (whom we let play God with our lives) “Please heal me.”


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