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If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying

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What happens to a plant when we take hold of it by its stem, and jerk it up out of the ground?

It ceases to grow because its source of nourishment has been cut off.  Soon it will be completely deteriorated until it has returned to that from which it came… soil.

The very moment it was deprived of its source of nourishment, it began dying.

The same is true for us.

If we’re not living, we’re DYING.  The instant our source of nourishment becomes inadequate for our bodies to continue growing and thriving, we have begun the process of destruction and death.

Without adequate raw materials, the body’s cells labor harder to perform their basic chemical functions.  They begin “mining” the most important materials from less essential parts of the body, and the result is a body that is now lacking energy, structure, proper function, and adequate defenses.  Disease begins to take over the body, and our cellular processes begin slowing down until the cells can no longer survive—like tiny factories turning off their lights and shutting off their machines one by one.

Even though we may still be alive for quite some time, because our bodies are efficient at storing nutrients in case of famine, and because we do provide it some additional nutrition from time to time, this only prolongs the inevitable.  We must restore our cells to a healthy, full functioning state, or we are simply not living to our full capacity, and we are reducing our life expectancy every day.

We are like candles—given a good fuel, we will burn hot and bright until the very last, and then we flicker for but a moment before our light goes out.  With inadequate fuel, we flicker for the majority of our lives.

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