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How Did It Happen to Us?

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How do we get here?



Burned Out.




(Dare I say it?)  Broke!



Everyone’s story is different, but the result is the same.

We want more life in our life.

So we go for more.  We strive for more.  More education, more promotion, more money.  More house, more car, more stuff.

And one day we wake up and realize that no matter how hard we cling to our money and our stuff… it doesn’t hug us back.

What we want, is more love, more joy, more freedom, more purpose.

So how do we go about obtaining it?

We start by realizing that it is not something to be acquired, to be obtained… to be sought after, or to be chased.

The very seeking of it, means we shall never experience it.  Because in seeking, we must acknowledge that we do not currently have it, and in holding to that idea, we ensure that we never will.

Because joy, love, freedom, and purpose are experienced in the now… not in the future.

The question is… what can we do to help us focus more in the now?

I don’t have the answers for everyone, but I feel compelled to at least tell you how I am going about it, in the hopes that others who are brave enough , will take inspiration from it and awaken to it themselves.

So stay tuned… we’re going on a journey and we’d love to take you with us!

To your joy…



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