What is the SuperConscious?

There are many theories about what the SuperConscious is and how it works. Some believe it is the Collective Unconscious as coined by Carl Jung. Others believe it is our “higher self.” I prefer not to put labels on it. However, here is what I do know about it.

Our SuperConscious is aware of our entire experience at all times, even prior to our conscious memory. It is connected to and/or has access to all the information and wisdom in the entire universe. It can be harnessed to assist us in healing, and it does this immediately, powerfully, and permanently. Once a memory is neutralized, it is permanently neutralized.

The best way I can describe it is, it is a field of information in the vacuum of space where infinite information resides, and it is accessed in our conscious experience through the field generated by the heart.

If SuperConscious Healing works in just minutes, why are your sessions 2 hours long?

It takes only minutes to permanently neutralize a traumatic memory, but once one memory is treated, most people realize it is connected to other memories or experiences, beliefs, and pervasive thoughts. In order to ensure that the issue is completely treated, we continue treating anything that comes up during the session until you feel complete that the original issue you wanted dealt with, is completely handled. This exploration process takes time. I’m not one of those practitioners that wants to cut my clients off at 1 hour, when they don’t feel finished, and make them pay for another session, when we can keep going and keep diving deeper until we really uncover the origin of the current pattern and deal with the real root of it all. For this reason, a session may take anywhere from an hour to two hours. I have had sessions go 2 1/2 hours before, so I make sure we schedule enough time for you to get the results you’re really looking for.

Is this Hypnosis or NLP?

No, it is not. There is no hypnotic inducement. You are awake and aware of everything going on, and you’re in control of the session. Unlike hypnosis, the SuperConscious can deal with multiple memories at the same time, not just one memory or issue at a time, and it is not necessary to know what it is. Traumatic memories can remain in the subconscious and still be treated without the need to remember them or be retraumatized by them.

What does a session look like?

We will chat a bit at the beginning of the session so I can get an idea of what you’d like to work on. Then I ask you to close your eyes and focus on this subject while I give commands to your SuperConscious mind. During your first session, the first half of the session will include me teaching your SuperConscious mind how to neutralize and treat unpleasant memories and emotions. The second half will include treating something simple, like a fear of snakes or spiders, or some other benign fear or phobia. This allows the SuperConscious to experience the treatment process, and allows aspects of the subconscious mind to get familiar with how the treatment process goes. This helps prevent any barriers from coming up to treatment in the future. It makes future sessions work more smoothly.

Future sessions will include an initial conversation, and then I will ask you to close your eyes and focus on the issue while I give commands to your SuperConscious to treat the issue. I may ask you from time to time to let me know what’s coming up for you, what’s present in your experience, or have you rate the intensity of an emotion or belief on a scale of 0-10. The treatment is easy, and painless. Clients often report feeling light, empowered, free, energized, and happier after their session.

How many sessions do I need to get the results I want?

This depends entirely on what you’re hoping to work on, and how many experiences it is associated with. If we are able to get to the root of an issue, it can be handled in one session. If you have other memories that are associated with it, these may need to be treated before you will experience the full or complete change you’re looking for. In my experience,  I have not seen an issue yet that could not be solved completely in less than five sessions, and these are among the most stubborn or pervasive issues.  Most can be dealt with in 1-2 sessions.  (This does not include the introductory session, which is primarily used for teaching the SuperConscious the process.)