Congratulations!  You’ve just signed up for a TRULY life-transforming experience!  I can’t wait to hear about your breakthroughs!

How To Connect for Your Session

You should have received a link to a Zoom meeting and an opportunity to save your appointment to your calendar.  If you did NOT receive this link, please email me immediately at to get a reply email with your link.  When the time arrives for your session, please click on this link up to 5 minutes prior to your start time to join me on Zoom.  Please be sure your web-cam, computer microphone and speakers are working.

Do This First

In order to participate in your first Introductory Session, we need to lay some groundwork so your mind is ready for the process.  Please watch the video below from beginning to end prior to your scheduled event. 

Need More Help?

If you have any questions, about your registration, how to join the Zoom conference, or if you need to make changes, feel free to contact us.  We can be reached at:

See you soon!