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Bowel Cleanser Formula

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People have been asking me for this formula a lot lately, so I’m just going to post it here for everyone.

The herbal formula I use to get the bowels moving and cleansing is made as follows:

  • 1 part Cascara sagrada aged root bark powder
  • 1 part Senna leaf powder
  • 1 part Senna pods powder (substitute Senna leaf if pods are not available in powdered form)
  • 1 part Aloe leaf powder
  • 1 part Turkey Rhubarb root powder
  • 1 part Fennel seed powder
  • 1 part Ginger rhizome (root) powder
  • 1 part Garlic bulb powder
  • 1 part Barberry root bark powder
  • 1 part Red Raspberry leaf powder
  • 1/4 part Cayenne powder

Mix all the powders together and put into gelatin capsules.

Dosage:  Take 1 capsule with dinner.  If you do not notice a difference in bowel behavior by dinner the following day, increase the dosage by 1 capsule (so the second night you would take 2 capules.)  Continue increasing each day by 1 capsule until you notice a difference in bowel behavior, or when you “cut loose.”  Then adjust your dosage according to your needs.


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