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As Happy and Healthy as our Cells Are

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Each cell in our body is surrounded by a fluid called “interstitial fluid.”  Nutrients found in the interstitial fluid are absorbed through the cell’s outer membrane, and waste materials are secreted into it.  This fluid must be cleaned constantly to prevent the build-up of waste materials that would otherwise inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

Nutrients from the digestive system are carried to the cells via the bloodstream, and waste materials are carried back to the digestive system this way.  If the digestive system is clogged, waste materials in the bloodstream cannot be deposited into it for removal from the body.  If the blood becomes thick with waste materials, the interstitial fluid becomes filthier also, and cell function is impaired.  If this waste material isn’t cleansed out of the body, degeneration and eventually premature death of the cells will result.

Our entire body is only as healthy as our individual cells are.

“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty; and so on to the organs and tissues…it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.”

–Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., N.D., D.C., M.H.

To promote healthy cells then, we must look at the bowel, the source of our body’s cleanliness, and our cells nourishment.



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