The Dove Center

St. George, UT

2010 to Present

I provide free Massage Therapy services to adult victims of domestic violence through our local women’s and children’s abuse shelter.


Historic Wagon Train Re-Enactments

States of Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana

1997 and 1998

I rode outrider for a horse and wagon re-enactment of the Mormon Trail, the Gold Rush, and other historic covered wagon migrations that ranged in duration from three (3) days to seven (7) weeks. I assisted with horse health under extreme conditions, managed emergencies, and provided support to team drivers and event coordinators. I also rode outrider for a horse and wagon re-enactment of a Canada migration that traveled from the state of Utah to Canada, through the mountains of Idaho and Montana. The trip took approximately seven (7) weeks. We camped along the trail. I again assisted with horse health, managed emergencies, and provided support to other horse owners as needed. I also assisted in driving wagons when necessary.



Nauvoo, IL

1997 to 1998

I provided horseback riding lessons for local youth. Lessons included proper treatment and care of horses, grooming, identifying and using tack and equipment, mounting and dismounting, and various riding exercises designed to teach balance, coordination, and proper communication and commands.



Boy Scouts of America

Nauvoo, IL

1993 to 1999

I volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America to provide training and certification to Boy Scout participants, enabling them to achieve skills “Merit Badges” in Swimming, Horsemanship, Fire Building, Wilderness Survival, Computers, Typing, Cooking and other related subjects.