Welcome to the brain-child of Jaylyn Brannon, a practical visionary whose knowledge and advice on numerous topics related to health, happiness, relationships, and money have helped numerous people reclaim their power over their lives.

Jaylyn has been writing books, creating videos and blogging about natural healing and healthy lifestyle off and on for twenty years.  What started as a hobby while she pursued a career in business management, has now become her passion.

Jaylyn quit her corporate job and launched jaylynbrannon.com to bring all the wisdom she has gained to her subscribers.  Jaylyn writes on a regular basis on topics ranging from skin care and nutrition to money and finance from a simple, down-to-earth, practical viewpoint.

Jaylyn has been involved in natural healing for over 30 years.  JaylynBrannon.com was launched full-time in the fall of 2017.

Her format is simple.  Deliver useful, simple, easy to reproduce information to her subscribers in 10 minutes or less, in a fun, authentic, engaging way.

“[This web-site] is a labour of love, my creative outlet, and hopefully a treasure trove of simple wisdom you can use as inspiration for your own life.

“Love what is.

“Embrace life as it unfolds.

“Step into the magic of creation.

“ALLOW life to be miraculous on a constant basis.

“And when inspiration strikes, work like mad to make your dreams happen.

“May you awaken to the Majesty of Yourself.”



Jaylyn Brannon is a Business Consultant, Certified Master Herbalist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Nutritional Education Trainer with mad organization and computer skills and a wicked IQ.

She is a practical visionary with mounds of creativity.  Her passions are organizing & simplifying, money & finance, science & spirituality, natural living, health & nutrition, bodywork & fitness, herbal medicine & natural skin care, and back to basics living.

Jaylyn and her husband Daniel live in St. George, Utah.