My name is Jaylyn Brannon.

I’m not a medical doctor or a billionaire.  I’m not the CEO of some huge company or the most spiritual healer on the planet.

I’m a woman… a woman who has been greatly blessed to have found some of the most powerful and profound truths about life, and it is my desire to share them with you.

I like to keep things simple and use only what works, so I have discarded a lot along the way.

My path is not your path.  It is mine alone to take.  I don’t try to tell anyone what to do, but it is my gift to be able to help guide others to their own truth.  May you find yours day by day, moment by moment as we traverse this life together.

Love what is.

Embrace life as it unfolds.

Step into the magic of creation.

ALLOW life to be miraculous on a constant basis.

And when inspiration strikes, work like mad to make your dreams happen.

May you awaken to the Majesty of Yourself,



Jaylyn Brannon is a Certified Master Herbalist, Nutritional Education Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, EFT Practitioner, and a successful businesswoman with mad, mad, mad computer skills.

She is a practical visionary with mounds of creativity.  Her passions are nutrition, natural skin care, herbal medicine, bodywork, organizing, simplifying, and education of all kinds.

Jaylyn and her husband Daniel have five grown children and live in St. George, Utah.

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