SuperConscious Healing is the number one method to clear subconscious barriers to your happiness and success. We do this by teaching the brain how to find and neutralize negative unconscious memories.

This means you don’t have to understand, know, or even remember why you have a block, or how you got it.  You can simply, easily, and safely release them.  There is no arduous process of having to dig through your past to try to find out what happened.  Your subconscious already knows, and with this process it can become your ally in releasing you from these debilitating barriers.

It is not hypnosis, as there is no hypnotic state inducement.  You stay totally awake and aware, you provide verbal feedback from time to time to your practitioner, and you are in control of the entire session.

We not only get your permission to work with your SuperConscious mind to neutralize negative memories, but we also get permission from your subconscious as well so nothing is done that is not safe, respectful, and very gentle.  We work in alignment with the inner wisdom that comes from you.

The SuperConscious Healing method leverages a little know, revolutionary discovery in neuroscience called the “Window of Reconsolidation”.  It allows the brain to neutralize negative memories within seconds.

Once the brain is trained, we instruct it to heal specific negative memories, emotions, and patterns, and it is able to do so within a mere matter of minutes.

If you have struggled with self-limiting beliefs and barriers to your success, it may seem like magic that these can be healed so quickly after a lifetime of struggling against them.  I assure you, this process is in fact real, but better yet, it’s permanent.  Once those memories and emotions have been neutralized and integrated into your full experience, they never need to be done again.

This is because we have struggled to use the conscious mind to change our outcomes, and often or conscious mind is in conflict with what is programmed into the subconscious.  Leveraging this cutting edge technique, we can go directly to the subconscious mind without hypnosis, and reprogram it immediately, easily, safely, and best of all… permanently.

It is not necessary to talk about the issue, or even remember the memories.  It is gentle, fast, and effective.  There is no hypnosis, visualizing, tapping, or talking necessary.  A command is simply given to your subconscious mind and you simply relax and observe the changes.

As a practitioner of this technique, I’m not here to place judgment on anything you’ve experienced or struggled with.  I’m not here to influence your healing, either.  This process simply unleashes the brain’s ability to rewire and upgrade itself.  It is a very compassionate and respectful process.

Train your brain to support you in your dreams.  Experience the power of SuperConscious Healing now.  Book an Introductory Session today!