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85% of All Disease…

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Independent research has found that more than 85 % of chronic illnesses arise from digestive disorders and are reversible and preventable.

The majority of dis-eases begin in the bowel.  A blocked, clogged, or otherwise putrid condition in the bowel is responsible for over 85% of all symptoms.  Many even “incurable” disease conditions can be completely eradicated following a thorough cleansing and healing of the bowel.

Here are just a few symptoms that affect the digestive system, and some simple tests and remedies you can perform yourself at home.


A Quick Test: If you want to find out how long it takes your food to pass, there’s an easy test you can conduct at home.   Eat a meal with cooked corn, but don’t chew all the corn up before swallowing it.  Then record how many hours it takes for it to show up in your toilet.  If it takes longer than 8-10 hours, you’re digestive system is sluggish.



Under normal conditions, as food enters the stomach, the fluid level of the stomach’s acids begins to rise.  Near the top of the stomach, are nerves that detect the acid condition rising in the stomach, and they send signals to the brain that tells it to shut the valve at the top of the stomach to prevent this highly acidic fluid from rising into the esophagus.  The esophagus does not have the protective mucus layer that the stomach has.

Many people believe that this condition is caused by too much acid.  In fact, it is often caused by an UNDER-production of acid.  Not enough stomach acid prevents the nerves at the top of the stomach from being triggered.  This leaves the upper valve open, and mildly acidic stomach contents now rise into the esophagus.

Most people believe in the OVER-acid idea and begin taking antacids to counter-act this.  Unfortunately, it only makes the problem worse.  In addition, most antacids contain aluminum and other heavy metals that cause cancer and neurological disorders.

A Quick Test: The easiest way to know if your acid reflux, or heartburn, is caused by an actual over-acid condition, or by an under-acid condition, is by performing a simple little test.

The next time you have heartburn, take a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar by mouth.  Because vinegar is slightly acidic, it will trigger the valve at the top of the stomach to shut.

If the vinegar relieves the heartburn symptoms within 2-3 minutes, then your heartburn is a result of an UNDER-acid condition, and is probably being aggravated by antacid use.  If it does not relieve it at all, then it may be a result of an OVER-acid condition.  Thankfully, the vinegar will not aggravate it.

A Quick Remedy: If you are currently taking antacids for acid reflux or heartburn, skip the antacids, and simply take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal to prevent reflux from occurring.


When the mucus layer in our stomach is too thin, it may permit the acids in the stomach to begin eating into the wall of the stomach itself.  When this happens, it is called an ulcer.  Ulcers can be dangerous for several reasons.  They can permit the free passage of a large number of toxins and poisons from our food supply directly into our bloodstream.  Also, if the acids continue to eat a hole through the stomach, allowing acid and food particles to spill into the abdominal cavity, it is most often fatal.

A Quick Remedy: Taking 1-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper in a glass of water not only stimulates peristaltic motion throughout the entire intestines, making bowel movements easier, but it also stimulates the production of mucus in the stomach, which can help ulcers heal.


One of the pancreas’s main functions is the production of insulin, a chemical that binds with the glucose (pure sugar) molecule, and transports it across the cell wall where the sugar can be used to produce ATP (adeno-tri-phosphate), which is the cell’s source of fuel.  Sugar cannot pass through the cell wall without binding to a molecule of insulin.

Blood sugar is most easily regulated by consuming whole, unprocessed foods from plant sources.  Naturally occurring fiber in plant foods slows the absorption of both simple and complex sugars, and prevents extreme blood sugar fluctuations.


Lactase, the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar, is absent in the MAJORITY of adults, which prevents the breakdown of milk sugars (lactose.)  Most adult humans are lactose intolerant as a result, but this goes largely undiagnosed.

The primary reason for consuming milk these days is for its calcium.  Milk calcium is not easily absorbed by the body, and in fact, it requires calcium in order to be digested.  This actually causes the leaching of calcium from our own tissues and bones, which can cause osteoporosis.

If you are concerned about calcium intake, use nut milks instead of animal milks.   Nut milks are not only highly nutritious, they supply MORE usable calcium than cow’s milk, and they do not require calcium for their digestion.

A Quick Fix:  Don’t drink milk.  (That was easy!)  Try Nut Milk instead.

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