Jaylyn has a natural gift of teaching… that is fun, captivating, and easy to apply.

Audrey Hansen, BS LMT - St. George, UT

Thanks again, Jaylyn for all you have done for me, for helping me to feel like myself again and especially for the unselfish hours you have spent in counseling me. Thanks for all you have done for me. You have saved my life as I do really feel wonderful. Your friend forever.

Carol Thomas - Long Beach, CA

Thank you Jaylyn for the great professional service that you render! You are helping me and my family so much!!

John Larsen - St. George, UT

I am always impressed by Jaylyn’s knowledge and insights in health, wellness and metaphysical issues. I highly recommend Jaylyn to anyone in need of her services. She’s a great adviser, coach and ally!

Joseph Lindhardt - Houston, TX

My experience with Jaylyn was truly exceptional. Not only does Jaylyn LISTEN to your concerns/needs very closely, she KNOWS what she is doing. Jaylyn’s knowledge […] is incredible and I can’t wait to learn more. Highly educated, knowledgeable and personable individual. Overall exceptional experience and I can’t wait for my next appointment. Thank you Jaylyn!

Lori Robles - St. George, UT

It has been my great pleasure to be a student of Mrs. Jaylyn Brannon. I am very impressed not only with the great knowledge that Jaylyn has; but more importantly, I have found that her ability to teach, to be in a manner that the student can easily grasp difficult concepts, and found it very effective. She teaches in a way, that I have also been able to retain and apply her teachings. I am planning to attend many more classes of hers in the near future. I believe more of this kind of knowledge is needed in our society. Any student who takes her classes will be richly

Marlene “Sammy” Iverson - St. George, UT

I have been suffering with misophonia which is an massive over the top reaction to certain sounds. This has hindered me for as long as I can remember. I had one incredible session with Jaylyn and my response is about 20% of what it was at the beginning. One more session and I just know it will be gone forever. I feel so released from this. Thank you so much Jaylyn.

Anne-Marie Carter - United Kingdom