Dark Night Of The Soul
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I was contemplating ending my life. It didn’t all really hit me until I was sitting in the bathtub one evening about a year ago.  There I was, ignoring the world, soaking away in burning hot water up to my chin. I had just endured a nine-year custody and divorce battle with my ex-husband, during which he had abused my daughter, and then been given custody of her. (Yes, my life is a blockbuster tragedy waiting to be made into … Read More

Forest Dweller
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The Pacific Northwest is teeming with legends, folklore, and stories passed down from not only the Native Americans who lived there for centuries before European settlers, but also from the settlers themselves. Some legends, turn out to be true. I was six years old when my parents moved to a small town at the base of Mt. Rainier in Washington State. For the first two years, we lived in an apartment while my parents finished building their new home. It … Read More