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One day in my early twenties, working in a small bookstore in Iowa, a man came to the checkout with his selection of books. As I joked with one of the women in the back room, who obviously hadn’t gotten my punch-line, I remarked to the man, “no one ever seems to get my jokes.  I think they’re funny!” Smiling to myself anyway, I began ringing up his purchases when he quietly asked me, “How does it make you feel … Read More

Cave Pictures
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We walked down the long wide corridor, our footsteps echoing in the dark on the parquet floor.  The only light we saw came from a room at the end of the corridor.  We passed by paintings and sculptures of ancient and unknown origin.  When we came to the room, I noticed there were pedestals of many sizes and heights.  The museum took on an other-worldly energy at night. Our guide, our instructor, left me with instructions and then gestured to … Read More

Floating Stone
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I was attending a four-day training about three hours from my home.  I had made many incredible friends there.  This particular training was the fifth or sixth in a series of weekends I had spent. One friend I made during these events happened to be a Mormon, the religion I had been raised in.  I had now been out of the Mormon Church for approximately four years with no intention of returning. We were outside the training center, taking a break in … Read More

How To Enlighten An Egyptian
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I have strange moments from time to time, in conversation with others, when an unspoken question in my mind produces not only an answer, but a host of additional information to go along with it.  Sometimes I get a vision, other times, I just get more and more information the more I start exploring what has just presented itself. I recall a story about Thoth, an Egyptian Diety who was called “The Atlantean” by the Egyptians and “Hermes Trimegistus” by … Read More