A Hand In The Dark
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I often wondered if the dreams I had, when separated from my daughter, had any actual connection to her. We were standing in a field, in tall grass.  There was a barbed wire fence built with wooden posts around the field.  It was dusk. I stood there holding her hand, looking up at the stars.  My  daughter was about 12 years old, but in my dream, she was 6 or 7.  We were watching the lights moving about the sky. … Read More

Blue Angel
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I was meditating… I was sitting on the floor of a training center in Salt Lake City with approximately 100 other participants. We were participating in a guided meditation. I don’t particularly recall what it was about, or where I was supposed to be directing my consciousness, because it suddenly took over and went somewhere else. I immediately found myself in my ex-husband’s bedroom.  I was floating near the ceiling, almost touching it with my head, but for me, the … Read More