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Maple Pecan Pancakes
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These have the fluffy texture and maple taste of real pancakes.  Since you can dehydrate them ahead of time, keep some on hand for a quick breakfast or dinner.  Freeze in zip lock bags, and pop a few out to thaw overnight. 2 cups pecans, soaked for 8 hours 2 cups pine nuts 2 ripe bananas 1 cup maple syrup Seeds from 2 vanilla beans 1 teaspoon sea salt Put all ingredients into a blender. While the machine is running, … Read More

So What’s The Difference?
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There are major differences between the approaches of Natural Healing and Conventional, or Modern Medicine, and before embarking on a personal healing journey, it is important to understand these fundamental differences.  They are generally outlined in the table below. It is also important to understand that Modern Medicine, is basically a brand new way of treating the body that is relatively in its infancy compared to the use of natural healing.  Natural forms of healing have been around since the … Read More

What Do I Buy At The Store?
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I get asked that a lot.  It seems that eating healthy is something everyone wants to do, but no one knows HOW to do.  That’s why I’m including lots of recipes here on my site.  I’m also going to give you lots of short-cuts I use to make things easier.  Simple is best. I like lots of variety in the foods I eat so I know I’m getting a good mix of all the necessary stuff… you know, “nutrient dense” … Read More

Simplifying… Is It Really This Much Work?
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Simplifying is hard work… if you make it hard work. I think it all comes down to your reasons. And at least for me, yes, some of the simplification process has been tedious and gut-wrenching, but the majority of it has been exhilarating, relieving, freeing, empowering, and expansive. I am choosing to simplify EVERY area of my life, so that presents some challenges. First, I don’t think it would serve me to try to do it all at once… I … Read More

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